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Collectible Artisan and Antique Vintage Jewelry, Necklaces, Jewels, Bracelets, Crystals, Gems, Clothing
Here is a beautiful picture of one of my beautiful crystal and faux pearl necklaces which sells for $99.00.

We carry a variety of necklaces ranging in price from $25.00 to $175.00 at www.voguevintagejewels.rubylane.com  Currently the designer signed pieces include necklaces by Valentino, Kramer NY, Marvella, Laguna, Givenchy, Celebrity, murano glass, Joseph Weisner, Sara Coventry, Germany and Castlecliff. Styles and materials vary.

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I will strive to provide you with excellent service and to respond as quickly as possible. I will strive to respond within 24 hours.

ABOUT US Collectible Artisan and Antique Estate Vintage Jewelry, Necklaces, Jewels, Bracelets, Crystals, Gems, Clothing

I have been collecting jewelry for several years. My mother died and left me a lot of costume jewelry which fascinated me. I started researching the designer names on the pieces while simultaneously started making jewelry. Everything came together but, as time went by my passion for collectiing surpassed my artisan efforts.. I started doing vintage and antique shows where I was successful at artfully displaying my beautiful jewelry. At this point I have so much vintage jewelry that I am expanding my business to include a virtual format.

Formerly I was a professional woman working as a clinical and forensic psychologist. I am very experienced with doing research and strive to base my jewelry prices on research. Actual selling experience also helps me determine what is reasonable.

I carry beautiful jewelry! A lot of it is designer signed but I have just as many pieces that are beautiful without any signature! I was a member of Vintage Fashion Costume Jewelry organization (VFCJ) for two years until the group disbanded. Another group was formed, Costume Jewelry Collectors International (CJCI) and I am currently a member of this group. Although I am just starting out with an online store, I am not inexperienced with vintage jewelry. I will strive to provide personal attention and excellent service.


Currently the designer signed pieces include: Art nouveau style, Avon, Fred A. Block, Carnegie, Castlecliff, Celebrity, Charel, Coralie, Coro, Sarah Coventry, Crown Trifari, Crown Trifari Alfred Phillipe, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Germany, W. Germany, Haskell, Hobe, Italy, Japan, Anne Klein II, Kasper for ASL, Kramer NY, La Paloma, Lady Bird, Laguna, Estee Lauder, Marvella, Musi, Napier, ORA, Oscar de la Renta, Parklane, Erwin Pearl, Pegasus Coro, Phyllis, Reinad Sceptron, Renoir Sateur, Schiaparelli, Schreiner, St. Martin, Trifari, Valentino, Van Dell, Vendome, Victorian, Vogue, Weiss, Whiting & Davis and Wire Knitz. We are frequently adding new pieces, so this list may change depending upon new additions and sales.

The designers' pieces include artisan, articulated pins, aurora borealis crystals, crystals, lucite, faux pearls, mother of pearl, murano glass, rhinestones, thermoset and pot metal. Various finishes such as gold tone, silver tone and 1/20 of 12 K G.F. are also included. This list is also affected by what sells and what is added.

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Also, contact Robin Stone at: web_contact@voguevintagejewelry.com

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